My Summer With the Takamine S35 Guitar

It was summer vacation and I was in grade nine then. The weather was so hot and I've got nothing to do. A friend of mine visited me and he bought along with him his guitar. I actually do not know what kind of guitar it was, since I am not aware to anything about guitars. My friend told me it is a Takamine S35. I did not really pay much attention to what he was saying then. What caught my eye is the neatness and glossy look the Takamine S35 has. I surprised then how it feels like to be holding it. he then began playing the Takamine S35. I was really amazed because it produced a lot of volume. And for such a guitar it created a high yet warm tones listen to. My friend told me then that he is going to leave the guitar to me because he has to spend his summer somewhere else. Without no doubt, I took the guitar in an instant.

I was so eager then to play and learn how to play the guitar. As long as I held the guitar, I begun surfing the net for instructions on how to play the Takamine S35.when I find such steps and tips, I practice playing music with it every day. I was wondering why it is comfortable to handle it, until I discovered that the body is spruce top which makes it light and easy to carry. The body has been finished with a glossy cream color making it simple, yet has the looks of a classic acoustic guitar. The fingerboards are made from rosewood- a hard and durable kind of wood which makes it appear as dark and shiny. Playing the Takamine S35 is easy due to its light weight body. I have practice comfortably with it for hours without even tiring myself except for my fingers. The loud and high volume made me think I was so good in playing it. The fingerboards are easy to manipulate and I like the smooth feeling whenever I cross my fingers on it.

The tuners are great and can be a bit tricky at first but, I get use to it as I keep on practicing. The strings are quite durable also for it can sustain such stress even I practice with the Takamine S35 every day even for a long period of time. It is very shocking to know that this guitar can be avail at an affordable rate. The Takamine S35 cost less than what I actually expected. In fact, I think it surpasses other guitars in performance much higher than its price. When my friend went home from his vacation, I also bought a Takamine S35 for myself.


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